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Stands out and stays with you long after you’ve done reading – said Book Tweet

 A sensitive, emotion-driven tale by and excellent writer – said Enas Book Review

A story of survival and healing in the land of the enemy – Said Peter Mulraney Author

Here is the link to buy Refugee - -WW2 dramatically affects the lives of German soldier Rolf Krieger, Australian soldier Bill Kelly, and Bill's sister Elaine Forman. The meet after the war. Rolf marries Bill's sister but soon after he discovers the devastating truth. The consequences place the two men's lives in jeopardy. Danger threatens families, marriages, friendships, and relationships.


   The great love story between Elaine and Rolf .    

The great love story between Elaine and Rolf.



Rosemary Okoko

Reece Pocock, the author of refugee, has done an excellent job of taking us through what soldiers experienced during the Second World War. The protagonist, a German by the name Rolf, is nearly killed in Tobruk during the battle of El Alamein and gets mentally affected. This sees him admitted in a psychiatric hospital in Italy. On returning to Germany, Rolf discovers that he has lost his family to an air raid. Using the identification documents of a dead man, he passes for a Polish refugee and crosses over to Australia with other Poles to settle as refugees. A recurring nightmare of his near death experience at war gets him in trouble when he sleep-talks in German and is overheard by the Poles. How will he get out of this mess? He is in Australia where Germans are hated for fighting the Australians during the war. His identity is now at stake. He came out here to start a new life and shake off the nightmare but things are not turning out well.

The author introduces the well-developed characters with a detailed background of their lives. What I liked most about this book was that as I read it, I got so engrossed in it that I felt like I was actually a silent character who was following the protagonist everywhere. I empathized with him and felt his pain. The author describes the war like it was actually happening in the present time. Reading this book has made me respect soldiers and appreciate their willingness to defend their countries at whatever cost. I also learned that some soldiers go to war, not because they are willing, but because they are considered fit and able by their governments.

What I did not like about this book was the sadness I experienced though this is expected in any book about war. Rolf went through a tough decision making process and had to do the unimaginable. At some point I shed tears.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The author must have had it professionally edited making it an easy read. The formatting was well done and I did not come across mistakes. War stories may sound complicated to read but in this case, the author has given enough details to make it easy to understand.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes war stories and those who would like to read and see what it is all about. It is a good book for those who would like to read about someone who lost everything including family members and had to start living from scratch in a foreign country with strangers. There are gory scenes for the strong hearted.





    Murder on Display

    Armed gunmen enter the restaurant where Detective Sergeant Dan Brennan dines with his wife. She is killed as well as the two gunmen. Dan is wounded.      

    The question—why did the Judge grant the gunmen bail?—dominates Dan's mind. He resolves to live and find the answer.

    Three years later, restored to good physical and mental health, Dan heads up a major crime squad. His daughter comes to live with him to study pathology at the university and work part-time at the forensics centre.

    A phone call summons Dan to Kuitpo forest where he witnesses a young woman's body displayed with her back against a tree, and her eyes taped open. A bed sheet covers her.


    The Politics of Murder

    A sanctioned murder and all hell breaks loose!

    The Politics of Murder is a story of the greed inherent in man and his disregard for the consequences. While scientists developed the nuclear fuel, they failed to produce a safe waste storage system.

    When a clandestine facility is built in Western Australia, an equally secret mercenary force is set up without the knowledge of the Government.

    Dan Brennan and Mac McLean are back again in this exciting yet challenging thriller of thrillers. Instead of a simple case of murder, the two detectives find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that extends up the line of command to the very top. When an assassination team is sent to execute them, it can only mean one thing… the Prime Minister himself has betrayed them.

    Melissa Lane Girl Detective

    In the case of the stolen lunch money

    Melissa is the daughter of a policeman and wants to be a detective when she grows up. She is eleven years old and she and her companions, Tayla and Dermot, from her year six class investigate the case with her.

    Melissa finds little Kayla crying because someone stole her lunch money. After she takes the girl to the canteen for food provided free in such cases by the school, she learns about eight other young children who lost money too.

    There is a crime spree at school.

    Kayla and Melissa report the theft to Mrs Inverarity, the head mistress, but she tells them as long as Kayla ate her lunch the matter is trivial.

    Love and War

    Thirteen short stories make up this book: from the romance of 'The Angel of Tobruk' to the deadly battles of 'The Third of August', 'Staying Alive', 'Horace the Horse', to the nostalgia of 'My Grandfather the Soldier', 'Suburban Hero', 'Homecoming' and 'The Light in the Window'. Plus some history of the 2nd/43rd battalion in World War Two, who fought at Tobruk, El Alamein, New Guinea and Borneo. The 'Rats of Tobruk' fought, died, were wounded, and won many battles in that time. But, many stories are about the women who became nurses, stayed home, repaired the damage their men sustained both physically and mentally after the services were finished with them. Although, the stories are fictional, there are many historical facts of great interest to many who had loved ones who served in the war.

    Evil in the City

    Evil in the City, is made up of 14 short stories, most are about crime, but not all. The Girl in the Red Beret, won the Burnside short story contest, - a man is inadequate with women who can’t understand why the girls he admires end up dead. What a Dirty Little Town - conveys the story of Luke who returns after being jailed for 15 years for a crime he did not commit. He immediately sets out to clear his name. Disposable - is about a killer who must decide what to do with a dead body. Last number Redial - a child must save his mother after she has fallen and hit her head. My Father - a university student becomes embroiled in controversy and can’t find his way through until his father rescues him. The Classy Dame - the attractive woman asks private detective Spike Mallet to find her sister. But this classy dame is not telling the whole story.

    There are many more stories with twists to entertain the reader.

    How to Achieve High Self-Esteem

    Sports coaches are well aware of goal setting to motivate players, in fact goalsetting is a well-known tactic to motivate people in all forms of endeavour. When given a vivid picture of their life after they achieved their goal, such as new houses, cars, lifestyle, success they are willing to sacrifice and study. However, some make the mistake of setting their goals too high in the beginning. Do not set goals that are too difficult to achieve in the short term. Break it up and set short term goals and build up over time until the picture of where you want to be becomes a reality.



    Reece Pocock Author invites you to view his webpage and read his short stories. Discover Reece, and how he came to write. Check out the link to booksellers so you can purchase his books.

     Reece signing books at Dymocks in Adelaide on 13th March

    Reece signing books at Dymocks in Adelaide on 13th March