Inadequate Punishment of Law Breakers

This is from my yet to be published novel - Vigilante


In any city or town in this great country, we find criminals going unpunished for paedophilia, stand over intimidation, deception, robbery, assault, and murder. Churches and Government institutions have turned a blind eye to sexual abuse. It must stop.

The police do their best to identify the perpetrators but discover the judiciary is inadequate to punish the law breakers. The courts have allowed illegal activity to flourish unchecked in our community. If the judiciary aims are to get criminals off the streets, they have failed miserably on a federal and state level. This situation is true throughout the western world. No wonder terrorists like Islamic State flourish under the complacency of Governments worldwide. Nineteenth-century laws are no longer adequate for the twenty-first and must change.

People are afraid to walk the streets for fear of being accosted and intimidated, and in some cases murdered. Criminals dominate our cities and towns and make life difficult for law-abiding citizens. Islamic extremists blast us with propaganda and kill us at every opportunity.

Outlaw bikie gangs build fortresses to keep the police out so that they can carry out their nefarious activities connected to illegal drugs. Our people in their thousands are addicted to heroin, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, ice, and all the combinations in this obnoxious trade, denying our young people a productive life.

Paedophilia is a terrible blight on our community. These deviants have no business calling themselves human. Not only do they violate our young people but, to hide their activities, they commit murder.

When the judiciary punishes offenders, many for short or suspended sentences, the parole boards release them. How often do we learn, through the media, about parolled felons who have committed crimes? Far too often. No, we release psychopaths and sociopaths back into the community to attack and kill again. Our system makes victims suffer far more than criminals.

The police are in a constant battle with criminals to uphold the law. However, the judiciary system has a duty to make sure innocent people are not punished. To do this, the rules we operate under are rigid and limiting, and sometimes the police make mistakes, and blameless people end up in gaol. Criminals are difficult to apprehend. But the police do their best. Unless our lawmakers release the stringent rules, this will continue to happen. But, I’m sure we don’t want a society that puts innocent people in gaol.

The various Parliaments around our country make laws, and the independent judiciary implements the Government’s wishes. However, judges decide on punishment and don't implement the law as the Parliament intended.

The judiciary is subject to pressure from barristers. Criminals are on their best behaviour in court. Therefore, many inadequate sentences are handed out to lawbreakers. We should gaol them for a long time.

Jill Meagher and Daniel Morecombe are two high profile victims the law failed, which allowed murderers to roam our streets and kill innocent people. Unfortunately, killers have murdered more Jill Meagher’s and Daniel Morcombe’s after the killers were known to the police, and released to offend again.

Criminals commit crimes, in the knowledge, the judiciary cannot harm them. An unrealistic burden of proof hampers law enforcers, who confront prosecutors, who won't proceed to court because, in their minds, there is not enough evidence.

We try to rehabilitate criminals in prison and fail. No longer can we pussyfoot around, and tolerate weak judges who won’t sentence hardened lawbreakers to long terms. We must build more prisons to keep the innocent people safe from predators. We should not allow outlaw motorcycle gangs to exist.

Witnesses are intimidated and refuse to testify. The law enforcement and the judiciary systems cannot protect them. If criminals threaten witnesses, the courts should assume the perpetrators are guilty. We often learn of citizens who testified and are now in a witness protection programs. This unbelievable. The state cannot protect us against criminals because the gang members would murder us. The question is why aren't the whole gang in gaol? Those who bear witness must give up their lifestyle and start a new one.Why do witnesses suffer for their diligence in putting criminals away?

The law is such a joke, and criminals know it.

The state is at a disadvantage. Lawbreakers do not obey the rules of law. Whereas police have many laws to hold them back from prosecuting in their war on crime. That is ridiculous; police should be able to pursue lawbreakers and be given licence to put them in gaol.

The stringent standards of proof must be relaxed to allow judges to put away hardened criminals who run huge gangs with an army of lawyers to protect them. Not to mention, the billions of dollars taken out of our community, and sent overseas to drug suppliers with no taxes paid to the Government. Imagine the huge taxes the Australian taxpayers miss out on because of illegal activity. There would be no deficits, and the Government could afford more money for health, social services, education, etc.

Police officers would like more power to take criminals off the street. However, we would not want to live in a society that gives Government and law enforcement unrealistic powers they can abuse. Law enforcement would like to put every criminal in gaol and have more power to do so. If we have more police on the beat, more gaols, electronic aids, smart computer analysts, technical experts, all of which is under consideration to help the police, we won’t have to change the law.’