The story of The Killing Men!

The first thoughts I had about this novel was how criminals seem to thrive in our society. Law enforcement tries hard, the judiciary not so much, but these institutions are set up to keep us safe, and you make sure illegal practices do not diminish our finances.

I decided on a vigilante who punished criminals when the law proved inadequate. Vigilante became the first title of the book, followed by The Hooded Assassin, and then The Killing Men. Titles are always difficult for me. I introduced Dan Brennan, Mac McLean and the team to investigate the murders the vigilante carried out.

That was a good start to the story, but of course, it was not enough. There had to be a guiding hand behind the vigilante; I called him the Hoody Man, which made the story national and not only a state story.

From there the story took off, and it was only a matter of putting all the sequences together and deciding who and what was going to happen. Therefore, the story is difficult to start because the foundations must be put down and the characters formed to bring the story to its conclusion.

From a simple beginning, The Killing Men turns into a thriller that threatens the national government and Brennan and McLean survive numerous assassinations attempts as they sift through the evidence and punish the perpetrators.

I think The Killing Men is a good title, although not everyone agreed with me. Please let me know what you think.

Reece Pocock

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