His first novel, Refugee, is about the story of a German soldier who is bayoneted by an Australian at Tobruk during WW2— they meet again after the war and don't recognise each other. The German becomes engaged to the Australian's sister, but the truth turns their worlds upside down; how can they manage with this devastating knowledge?

It is not a war story, but more about the effect of war on soldiers and the futility of all the death, injury, and mental illness in the aftermath. It is also about killing in the name of and for the soldier’s country and the mindless slaughter that takes place because of orders without a full understanding of those orders, and the terrible revulsion of taking another person’s life.

It is also about the resilience of the human spirit and how these men and women recover from the trauma and get on with living and loving in the world that follows the war. They never fully recover, and the terrible experiences are below the surface, but somehow they get on with living.

The German has to deal with the knowledge his future brother-in-law and best mate almost killed him. How he deals with it is what the story is about.




His screenplay, The Soldiers, adapted from his novel, was highly commended in the Di Cranston award administered by the Fellowship of Australian Writers. A producer optioned the screenplay. Unfortunately he couldn't raise the finance to make the film.

Reece is co-writing a new screenplay. The Tangram Concealment.

Short Stories

Among short-stories published in TheCheers an on-line magazine:

Awakening, about a young man who awakes from a coma to discover he may be a murderer.

The Battle, a fictional story set during the Battle of El Alamein.

Jivevaneng, a story set during the battle for this New Guinea village.

Horace the Horse, The Australians named this area in New Guinea. It is also about the battle.

Medal for John, A reluctant soldier wins a medal.

Home from the War, A soldier returns from the war to discover he is a father.

Staying Alive, El Alamein and how a soldier survives.

Getting Ready, A soldier gets ready for battle.

The Third of August, The Germans and the Australians meet in battle.

Mersa El Brega, The Germans and the British battle for this town in North Africa.

Angel, A nurse and a soldier meet and fall in love.

Jezebel, A married woman, whose husband can't have children, exploits a young man to have babies.

The Funeral, A wayward son attends his father's funeral.

My father My friend, a young man is in trouble when his father comes to the rescue.

The Way to Live is to Kill, A soldier works out what he has to do to survive.

Escape, two young men cross the French border to escape the SS.

The Meeting, A soldier has an affair with an English nurse. She summons him to meet his unknown son.

Arse End of the World. Two policemen are murdered in the Australian outback.

Watch in Silence, A man who abandoned his wife and child watches them through her window.

The Old Man, There is a lot more to the elderly drunk in Opal Town.

And more.

Short stories published other than TheCheers.

The Girl in the Red Beret is the story of a murderer with a split personality.

Reece won the City of Burnside Library crime short story contest, with his story.

It was published in an anthology—The Killing Words—organised by Crime-writers SA.

Smashwords published the story too.

What a Dirty Little Town, is the story of a man who returns after fifteen years in jail for murder to find the real killer. The Killing Words published it.